Why Choose Mommy and Me Hospital Sets?

If you’re a new parent and you have never heard of Mommy and Me hospital sets, don’t feel bad. We’re part of the ‘new generation’ and we grew up with a lot of TV commercials for things like choppers, racing cars, and hospital sets.

Choose Mommy and Me Hospital Sets

We didn’t have to use hospital sets if we couldn’t walk or if we weren’t healthy enough to go into the hospital! And don’t get us started on the X-box. That was a totally bogus concept that got us all confused for a couple of years.

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But let’s be honest here. The hospital set in the movie was really fun. It looked like something you might actually want to have in the home mommy and me sets. And it certainly looked like something a little boy would love. So when we went to visit our other half, we were all over the place. And because we were excited to see our son, we talked about having the same hospital set.

But then came the day. We went for the first appointment. We were excited and a bit nervous because it was our first baby. We watched as Mommy and I held Little Dude up in the hospital bed, holding him tightly in our arms as he breathed in Mommy’s warm breath and listened to the nurses call out the dreaded C-Section. But that was nothing compared to the joy as we saw our son smiling at us from the cot, smiling big at the nurse, and smiling even bigger at Mommy as she handed him his blanket.

We got him a hospital setting that matched his room in the hospital. They were soft and cuddly, and he loved them. One of the nurses came by and told us he liked the set so much that he was going to get one for his next child too! That was such a nice touch! This little stranger actually cared enough about our son to get a nice hospital set just for him.

And don’t think that because mommy has already had a child that she is somehow less qualified to be getting her own! After all, she gave birth to a baby and nursed him until he was full term. She took care of her baby and continued to do so until he was ready to leave the hospital and go home with his parents. And even now, she wipes his face with a tissue every time he is crying.

These sets are really great because they will last for years. They will not tear or fray and they will not start to smell moldy or dirty. They are made from the highest quality materials and will be washable if that is what you want. Best of all, though, is that it has our little man’s name on it! Isn’t that what all of us mothers would want?

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