Tips For Finding a Fire Extinguisher For Home

Selecting a fire extinguisher for home use is not as simple as just running down to the local hardware store and grabbing one off the rack. While there are many good brands and many highly recommended ones, each household has different fire safety needs, so there is no one size fits all solution. In fact, it is surprising how many different styles and sizes there are available! Here are some pointers to help you choose the right one.

Fire Extinguisher For Home

The first thing to consider when buying a fire extinguisher for home use is whether to choose a spray or a foam extinguisher. Foam units are smaller than their spray counterparts, but they are also easier to fire clean up. However, the five-pound dry chemical fire extinguisher which by its physical size is better suited for the home because it contains more fire extinguishing power to combat larger fires.

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The best five-pound dry chemical fire extinguisher is typically available separately with a hose and rechargeable for greater convenience Kidde Fire extinguisher. Spray units can be purchased in both aerosol and liquid models and often come in decorative canisters to add a little “wow” to your room.

When you are choosing a fire extinguisher for use in the home, remember that most of them require recharging. The recharging is usually not necessary for foam units, but it is recommended for spray units. This is because the smaller nozzle discharge time requires less frequent recharging. For spray units, you can generally find a battery charger at the nearest store, and for foam ones, check with your local hardware store.

When you are ready to purchase a fire extinguisher for use in the home, take a quick review of ratings and reviews online. You can find ratings and reviews on all types and then read through the descriptions to see what type fits your needs. Use these ratings as a general guide to help narrow your search.

Also, remember that fire extinguishers vary in shape. Some fire extinguishers are square and some are round, some mount to a wall, others are meant to mount directly on the counter or kitchen countertop, and so on. Consider whether you need an angled horizontal, or snap mount.

Remember, many extinguishers are rated for single-use, so if you are purchasing a second, third, or fourth one for different uses, you will want to consider how much storage space you will have to provide. You may only need to have a small extinguisher handy for food and equipment in the kitchen, but if you have an entire unit to keep in the kitchen, consider whether you will want to keep the extinguishers out of the cupboards.

Finally, when choosing a fire extinguisher for your home, you should also consider whether you would like to purchase a metal valve or a rechargeable kind. Metal valves are not as widely available and rechargeable ones can be expensive but are usually more functional, although they tend to not last as long. Regardless of which one you choose, always make sure you understand all of the specific pros and cons of each type.

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