Smartlipo MPX – Future of Laser Body Sculpting

SmartLipo MPX – the future of laser body sculpting – is the most recent advancement in laser assisted liposculpture out of Cynosure, a major developer and producer of a wide collection of laser-based cosmetic therapy methods. In case you’ve got stubborn fat that remains and looks impossible to eliminate, even after following a wholesome diet and regular exercise plans, the SmartLipo MPX is the ideal technique to think about.

Laser Body Sculpting

By combining the advantages of dual wavelengths using MultiPlex technologies, this process liquefies stubborn fat and moisturizes skin to reach body contouring. It’s the MultiPlex technology that enables the mixing or sequential shooting of 2 wavelengths for amazing results coolscupting in oklahoma city. Both wavelengths – a 1064 nm wavelength and a 1320 wavelength — may also be used separately or using MPX style and each possesses special attributes.

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SmartLipo MPX uses 20 g of 1064nm and 12 g of 1320nm. The 1064nm wavelength is the most beneficial for skin tightening and 1320 nm wavelength is highly concentrated with minimal scatter, and is absorbed by water causing more effective degradation of cells. The mixing of wavelengths promises exceptional aesthetic results, shortened process times, minimal downtime, and also a much better and quicker healing.

Take a Look at the numerous benefits and attributes that SmartLipo MPX:

  • O Beautiful, organic outcomes
  • O Safe and constant
  • o Decreased therapy time
  • o comes with a distinctive smart delivery method, facilitating uniform and safe energy shipping

In comparison to other conventional procedures, this process is a lot safer and requires only local anesthesia. During the treatment session and the recovery interval, you may feel little to no discomfort. The outcomes of Smart Lipo MPX are amazing, and also the process makes sure that you receive the facial skin and body you’ve always desired.

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