Retail Client Opportunities for Pressure Washing Companies

Pressure washing companies have to search for clients in the retail sector to be certain they stay active. Big Box Stores and Grocery Stores are frequently your best clients in that respect. Cleaning concrete or performing”level work” makes sense for any range of reasons, 1.) It isn’t labor-intensive such as washing trucks; two.) Regular scheduled clients make the job extremely simple; 3) Generally you don’t need to be concerned about not getting paid for work done because the corporate offices will probably cover you, even if they’re sometimes a bit slow to cover.

Pressure Washing Companies

Over the previous 20-years, my firm has done cleaning for grocery chains and massive retailers. Occasionally they have lots of outlets plus they supply you with a listing and you may work through the night with no hassle. Additionally, there’s a great business to be performed in cleaning shopping carts too; in $1.00 per cart that adds up quickly.

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Since most of your cleaning is completed after hours to decrease the chance of any people liability is infrequent although many all corporate clients will expect you to keep a million in liability insurance. Part of our firm’s simple sales closures was because of our:

  • Low price to Keep within budgets
  • Longevity of supervisors and crew-members

If it’s possible to focus on those items you’ll have a number of big corporate clients stay loyal for many years on end visit here. Customizing your solutions to their wants to be your specialization, you need to listen and allow the business tell you exactly what is to be washed and how they expect it to appear and all you want to do is work. Matters like:

  • Concrete
  • Shopping Carts
  • Signage
  • Loading Docks
  • Parking Places
  • Holiday Window Paint
  • Cardboard Compactors
  • Trash Places

It should also be mentioned that whenever you’re searching over these shops you’ll discover extra cleaning requirements. When it’s easy you should take action and tell them it’s been completed, as kind of fringe benefit. When this is something big let them understand that;”we discovered a couple of places we understand that you’re worried about like:” and you’ll end up with additional work. Always request referrals and encourage the company to please call if they’d like you to bidding on whatever else. Consider this and Wash On!

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