Mental Health During Covid-19

Is mental health during covid-19 something we all want? That’s the question psychologist and social scientists have been asking for the past couple of years, as the virus that causes this condition continues to spread and move from one part of the world to another. There are no new findings in the field of mental health during covid-19. The news is just a bit grimmer if you’re an HIV/AIDS sufferer.

Mental Health

One thing researchers have found is that people with HIV/AIDS who did not have adequate sleep patterns did not show any psychological symptoms during the pandemic. So it appears that some people were able to avoid the mental health issues that arise when their sleep patterns are affected.

Mental Health, Depression, Anxiety

However, there was a clear connection between sleep patterns and mental health during the pandemic for those participants who did not report a poor sleeping pattern. Those who did suffer from poor sleep patterns were twice as likely as others to report depression. This is the first finding of its kind.

Of course, more studies will need to be done, but this research does highlight how mental health can be influenced by even small mental health risks. People who are feeling stressed out or are experiencing other types of anxiety may find themselves gravitating towards places where they feel more stressed out. This may include parks or public transportation systems.

People who are feeling depressed and isolated are more likely to seek out places to socialize. Researchers believe that this increased stress results in an increased likelihood of people getting involved in more physical violence The results of this study are encouraging, but more studies will need to be done to fully understand the relationship between mental health and the pandemic.

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