Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental Health Awareness Month is observed in May every year in the United States. It is the month that highlights the issue of mental health and awareness. This is also a time when it pays to know one’s mental well-being as much as possible. The month is seen with numerous media, local gatherings, and even movie screenings.

Mental Health Awareness

There are many causes of death among individuals diagnosed with mental health issues in this country today. Nearly one-fifth of all deaths committed by people suffering from a mental illness last year was because they were not treated for their illness Hinnerup. That is quite a large number and serves as quite a wake-up call for how little Americans really know about what is happening to the general population when it comes to mental health issues.

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In addition, one-fifth of all suicides committed every year in this country was carried out by individuals suffering from mental illnesses. It is important to note that these figures only include those who actually kill themselves and not those who attempt suicide.

It is important for every American citizen to become familiar with the facts about what is happening to the mentally healthy and the mentally ill in this country on a daily basis. While there may be many causes for death among individuals suffering from mental health issues, it is certainly no laughing matter.

As such, it is imperative that everyone who feels that they or a family member is suffering from any type of mental health problem get in touch with a professional who can make them aware of the importance of getting regular checkups and screenings on a consistent basis.

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