Driving Instructor Jobs in Dubai

If you have a passion for teaching, a driving instructor job in Dubai can be just the thing for you. The government of Dubai is always looking for qualified and experienced professionals who want to share their knowledge about driving with others. A job as a driving instructor in Dubai requires you to have a high school degree, at least three years of UAE driving experience, and to speak Arabic, Hindi, or English fluently.

Driving Instructor

Driving instructor jobs in Dubai are typically part-time, but full-time instructors work an average of 40 hours per week. You’ll likely work some weekends or in the evenings. Most instructors work a full-time schedule, but part-timers may have to work fewer hours. Additionally, the season can affect the amount of time that you can take off, so the demand for a regular income can impact your annual leave.

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In general, a full-time driving instructor can expect to give 35 one-hour lessons per week. Those who work for full-time instructors can expect to give around 35 lessons a week Driving Instructor East London. The work is physically demanding, as driving instructors are required to sit in vehicles for a few hours every day. They must also maintain a clean and sanitary vehicle for their students.

The average salary for a driving instructor in Dubai is AED 123,390. The highest pay for a full-time ADI is AED 151,675 a year. Most ADIs work full-time, but part-timers may have more flexible hours. A typical full-time ADI will give approximately 35 one-hour lessons per week. As a full-time driving instructor, you can expect to work in a school or private driving school.

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