Solar Companies by Market Cap

Among the solar companies by market cap in Houston TX, there are many choices for residential solar installers, as well as commercial suppliers of solar energy. First Solar is one of the largest residential solar panel manufacturers and most of their sales are to residential customers. One of the reasons that First Solar is doing well is because they have a very good sales pitch.

Solar Companies

First Solar’s CEO, Bruceolyne, comes from the solar panel technology industry and has a background as an engineer and consultant solar installer san diego. He is well-known as a strong “green” voice and was an outspoken critic of President George W. Bush’s decision to deregulate the solar industry.

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The industry is regulated somewhat but Mr. Bruceolyne and other solar companies are trying to do whatever they can to improve the growing negative public image. One reason that First Solar is selling so well is that they have very low overheads. Other solar companies by market cap such as PowerStar and Sunbeam don’t have anywhere near the same low overheads.

One company that makes it easy for home solar installers is Capstone Energy. Capstone Energy has direct sales prices that are much lower than competitors because they sell direct to homeowners and not through retail stores.

As you would expect, since they are selling directly to the customer, sales have really boosted at the beginning of this decade. Solar companies by market cap that are seeing a rapid increase in sales are First Solar, Capstone Energy, SunPower, TerraForm, Zero Point Energy, Skyehead, and Homelink.

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