Popular Menswear Companies Make Exciting Fashion Statements With Their MVMT Watches

AMM Units Collection is a new line of watches from the world-renowned designer Mario Moretti. Unlike many leading luxury watches makers, this Italian manufacturer does not limit itself to an elegant and refined watch design maserati watches. It aims for a complete fashion experience that caters to the need of each individual customer. AMM watches have been successful since it was established 30 years ago, so it is only natural that the brand would expand its collection of timepieces in order to meet the demands of today’s consumers. This brand offers functional yet stylish watches that are perfect for both work and pleasure.

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When we say ‘functionality without pretense’ it is quite clear what the AMM Unites Collection represents. There is no flashiness in these watches. Instead, they are designed to be sophisticated while providing the necessary time information that everyone requires on a daily basis. Their basic design has been kept very simple yet complete, which is why they are worn by men and women alike.

Popular Menswear Companies Make Exciting Fashion

The men’s collection has a more elegant look than their ladies counterparts. These are technologically advanced timepieces that provide detailed accuracy in timekeeping. They are water and shock-resistant as well. Each one of them features a scratch-resistant, stainless steel case and silver dial in pink or blue. They are surprisingly affordable considering the quality that they offer.

The AMM Unites Four Season Collection is perfect for those who love adventurous activities. These sports watches can be used in any adventure trip, whether it is hiking, camping, rafting, kayaking, jet skiing or even climbing the tallest mountain peak in your area. This is a great way to express your adventurous side without costing you a fortune.

This mVMT collection features a classic yet modern design. Its clean, simplistic appearance is very inviting to the eye. Their large, rectangular faces are very suitable for large areas and outdoor settings. They are made from high-grade stainless steel and feature polished, silver or white dials. The rich brown hues accentuate the face and the strap are made from soft leather. It comes with a removable black crocodile clip.

Final Words

For a more casual look, the M VMware Top Tour is a nice addition to your wardrobe. This MVC series is available in black, brown and pink. The rose gold casing and stainless steel bracelet are suitable for everyday use. Each of the watches in this collection is beautifully designed and made to last.

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