Photoshop – Free Vs Paid Photoshop Productivity

Free Photoshop is one of those things that everyone wants but few actually go out and do it. After all, who wants to be searching around for a freebie when you can have everything you need right at your fingertips. Well, freebies don’t always come free, and if you haven’t checked out what’s new with the free versions of Photoshop here’s your chance to do so.


As a member of Adobe, you’ll be able to download the latest version of Photoshop absolutely free of charge. This will save you from spending hundreds of dollars on Adobe Photoshop and the many upgrades that come along with it.

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While it does have a few cons, like most freebies, there are plenty of great things about Free Photoshop that you might want to consider as well. One of those things is the fact that Free Photoshop has a lot of features that aren’t available in the paid versions visit website click here. For instance, instead of having to use the “Save/Share” option when sharing a photo, you can upload your image directly from Free Photoshop to popular photo-sharing sites like Flickr or Picasa. The only con is that you need an Internet connection to upload files.

Another one of Free Photoshop’s many pros is the fact that its basic set of editing tools is easy to use. You’ll find a variety of filters, a paintbrush tool, a color wheel, and even a 3D object map. There are some pros and cons to Free Photoshop as well, and depending on what your needs are, you may find a different list of features that meets your needs better.

In addition to that, for most beginners in the market, it may not make much sense to pay the extra money for the more expensive Adobe Creative Cloud membership. So without further ado, let’s dive in and see some of the top free Photoshop options.

PC Paintings – Paint stations are excellent if you need an all-in-one photo editing tool. The only drawback to using these types of stations is that they aren’t compatible with every computer out there. If you need Windows-only programs, then there are two good alternatives to this: PintaPint and CorelDraw. Both are fairly inexpensive, so if your budget won’t stretch at this point, these are good alternatives.

Layer Masking – While the layer masking feature may seem like an unnecessary feature, the reality is that it really does help to create layers of images and fix problems with large, messy photos. The big problem with many photos is the large number of different colors that are used to express a single subject. This creates problems when you try to make sense of the photo as a whole. However, with the help of a good photo editor like Photoshop, you can create many different masks that will solve many of the problems you are running into when taking a photo.

While we’ve gone over some of the more popular features, in order to see how useful Photoshop is, let’s take a look at what it’s capable of once it is installed. The biggest pro of Photoshop is probably its ease of use, but you should also consider how customizable it is.

This is something that some people consider to be a con, but once you learn Photoshop and how to customize it to suit your needs, the fact that you can do practically anything you want with it makes it almost impossible not to like. The cons of Free Photoshop include a lack of a built-in backup feature, although if you use one, it usually backs up your work automatically.

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